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by Asma Ahmed

Embrace Tradition. Celebrate Beauty.

Asma Ahmed, a renowned Yemeni American henna artist, invites you to discover the ancient art of henna through her modern lens. At Sultana Henna, tradition meets creativity, offering you a unique blend of cultural heritage and contemporary design.

About Asma

Rooted in the rich Yemeni traditions of her family, Asma has honed her craft over years of practice, transforming the ancient art of henna into a modern expression of beauty and empowerment. Her intricate designs are more than just decorations; they are a celebration of individuality, culture, and the stories that make each of us unique.

Our Services

Embrace your unique style with Asma’s stunning henna.

Personalized Henna

From weddings to festivals, Sultana Henna brings an element of magic to your special occasions, making them unforgettable.
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Events and

Tailored to your individual style and preferences, our sessions are a collaborative journey towards creating a piece of art that celebrates you.
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Dive deeper into the world of henna with our interactive workshops, designed to educate and inspire artists and enthusiasts alike.
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The Sultana Henna Difference

Bridging Tradition with Quality, Innovation, and Yemeni Craftsmanship.
Rooted in the Yemeni tradition, each design weaves a story of heritage and craftsmanship.

Only the finest henna is used, ensuring rich colors and lasting beauty.

While we respect tradition, our designs are constantly evolving, embracing modern aesthetics and ideas.

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Ready to embark on a journey of beauty and tradition? Book your session with Asma today and join the Sultana Henna family.

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